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You will find inspiration for interiors, art and design. We are constantly looking for new trends in Denmark and abroad, and we always aim to be one step ahead, so we provide you with qualified advice on materials and interesting news coming up. Click the social media icons to follow us.

We offer professional decoration and styling for private homes and business.
We also help you upgrade your house for sale. It is often necessary to let a professional interior designer review your home.

We work with great empathy and discretion and give you advise on the possibilities for improvement in your house or flat.
We focus on the fact that color has a major impact on the atmosphere and well-being, and therefore the choice of colors and shades in the individual room is based on several aspects:
– What activities are in the room (eg kitchen, office)?
– How is the room located (north, south, east, west)?
– Which furniture and decorations should be harmonized with?
We help you choose colors for your walls and accessories: carpets, lamps, cushions and art.
We combine the effects you want to maintain with new furniture and accessories to optimize your home. A perfect mix of antiques, art and design gives beauty, depth and a personal expression that will be unique, so it shows who you are.

Shop Styling:
We help you upgrade the image of your shop. When a customer enters the store, the right styling helps maintain the interest for what you sell. Regular updating of colors and accessories gives the faithful customers new experiences and inspiration.
Reduction of noise, lighting installations, ergonomical chairs and tables and perfect cabinet systems as well as plants and art give you and your employees a much better working life and prevent stress.

After a styling in your home the question is: what should we hang on the walls? We choose art based on our customers’ taste and style, and always keep an eye on the long-term investment. The criteria for our selections are: artistic quality and aesthetics. Contact us if you want us to keep an eye on a particular artist or works of art that you want to buy.

Design is everything – from your coffee cup to your computer table. Your choice of design reflects who you are. When we help you buy design we focus on function and aesthetics. Things must be beautiful and exciting, but they must also be functional and of good quality to create beauty and well-being.
We keep an eye on trends in Denmark and abroad, and we go to the worlds largest design fair in Milan.

Anneli Langberg Grube has graduated from COPENHAGEN SCHOOL OF INTERIOR DESIGN.
For 12 years she was employed by Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers in Copenhagen.

Interior Designer
Anneli Langberg Grube
Phone: +45 73 70 90 90

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